20 Unbelievable Facts About Space That Will Blow Your Mind

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The fact that we have a lot of unanswered questions about space makes it a lot more fascinating. In fact, we know very little about it, as 98% of space is still unexplored. We know it’s vast, but we don’t know exactly how vast.

Thanks to astronomy, we have a downright breathtaking view of the universe. And even when you’re not into astronomy, these facts about space will still rock your world! Space is awesome, there are billions of billions of galaxies, an estimated 70 sextillion stars, and zillions of other objects (a zillion being an uncountable amount).

Its greatness is still baffling to the human brain. The most recent event took place in February when NASA managed to land their newest invention on Mars. Perseverance’s mission is to explore the red planet, search for signs of life, search for water, collect rocks and try to figure out how’s the weather on Mars. Piece of cake, right?

But as we patiently await new information from Perseverance, make sure to read on to discover 20 of the most interesting and unbelievable facts about space you probably never heard before!

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