It’s incredible how signs of evolution can be noticed all over the world, from flying fish to swimming birds. We can consider ourselves lucky when it comes to picking the longer stick in the evolution game. From being hunted by larger predators to becoming the rulers of the planet, humans have had the highest climb on the food chain.

However, before you start getting too comfortable with our current abilities and human body characteristics, you might want to take a look at the following human body parts that researchers believe will disappear sometime in the future.

Hair today, gone tomorrow?……

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20 thoughts on “Body Parts Humans Will No Longer Have One Day”

    1. Thank you – Finally, an intelligent response! I read this out of fun when it dropped into my email – but seriously??? People believe this stuff?!? If they actually looked at science correctly, they’d realize evolution is insupportable and not a theory at all – just really badscience

  1. Robert Boughner

    Lmao evolution is science fiction, Philosophy based on guessing. Speculation. Theology is based on fact, God created everything period. If people would just read the Bible until they really understand everything that is told in it, they would know truth.

    1. Diane A Moseley

      The good news is that God is so smart that God created evolution as our beautiful world continues to be created and refined. Thank you God for your wisdom in creation, and that you are so omnipotent that flexibility is part of who You are.

    2. Anita Boedecker

      Men’s “wisdom” is just foolishness to God! One day “the God and creator” of our universe and humanity will become self-evident either before this world has passed away or when we each draw our final breath!

  2. This is nonsense, scientists will decide this bs. God create human being. And there are reason why God created human body parts for their functionality. . Unless is something is matter of dead and its necessary to remove some part of the body , I can see that.

  3. If you believe that we all come from (Adam and Eve), then you must except incest as the only true way of life. Because the only mates, would be your brother or sister.

  4. Science is speculation, guessing, but Theology is based on facts, the Bible is truth?!?😂🤣😂 Science is the ONLY participant in proven facts, Theology ISN’T based on facts, and the best yet… the Bible is truth. Robert Boughner, anyone else denying Evolution, have been brainwashed by organized “religion” and fairy-tales passed through time. Noah loaded all the animals in an arc to save them ha… all the species of arachnids wouldn’t have fit in that arc by themselves.

  5. The article forgot one thing–the cleft in the chin. A perfect example of why some have it and others don’t or show the cleft. It stems from the earliest form of our being. Insects as grasshoppers have a double opening to eat. We started out with this same opening and over millions of years it closed up. On some people it is very pronounced and on others it is not seen.

    People forget about other forms of life such as a pollywog (tadpole) that loses its tail and changes into a frog. The butterfly also comes to mind out it becomes what it is. I think people don’t think deeply enough. There is too much proof that evolution is part of life.

  6. I totally agree..way too many Trumper Christians who are in complete denial when it comes to science and evolution. As one member so accurately pointed out, “if evolution didn’t exist, we would all still be cavemen.” When something is no longer functional, it becomes non-existent. This is the law of nature, and nature, like it or not, IS part of God!! Think about it!

  7. Larry Gustafson

    Scientists state that all the animals and humans and vegetation began at the same time in history. So does the Bible. Evolutionary Theory, therefore, disagrees with scientific facts and the Bible. Darwin and others recanted of their theories. I’ll take facts over fiction any day. God created us perfectly. He hasn’t changed his mind; evolutionists have.

  8. Is losing body parts only a future thing?
    If humans will not have certain parts in the future, I challenge someone to name what parts we used to have which we no longer have now.

  9. I can’t believe there are so many people who refuse to believe facts. I went to church every Sunday and learned some things that were myths. I accept that many years ago these stories were made up by people who just did not know and needed a way to explain their view of things. Live and learn people, use that brain that God gave you.

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