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It’s been a year since the pandemic changed our whole lives and surgical face masks have become a mandatory accessory to our outfits, one year of restrictions, curfews, and other limitations. It’s been one year since we haven’t been able to hug our loved ones without endangering their health. COVID left a lot of people unemployed while others lost family members in their fight against the virus.

2020 was definitely a hard year for humankind, and 2021 didn’t start very well either, considering we’re now dealing with three COVID variants, the U.K., the South African, and the Brazilian strain.

This Could Cause An “Unexpected Surge,” Dr. Fauci Explained. CLICK HERE if you want to read more about this topic!

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2 thoughts on “The COVID Vaccine Could Prevent Transmission”

  1. kathleen kavazanjian

    If this is such a deadly disease, then the vaccine should be made more available for people to get. Furthermore, people are still dying when they get the vaccine!!!!

  2. What with all the fake news and conspiracy freaks it is difficult to believe ANYTHING without VALID proof. My grand daughter has taken supposedly a complete series of inoculations against the virus. In each instance she became ill from the shots BUT I remember taking the shots developed for different diseases when I was a youngster and they all seemed to do the job even though the typhoid fever shot made me wish I could get better to die. As you can see, I recovered just as my grand daughter did from the shots she took. I intend to try to find out which ones they were so if and when I take shots, I can demand those. Have a good day.

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