Was The Moon Landing FAKE? 5 Debatable Theories America Still Believes

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We’ve written a lot of conspiracy theories articles on this website, and we’re not planning to stop here, as people seem to love them as much as we do. Probably one of the most famous conspiracy theories out there is that the 1969 Moon landing was fake. What’s very interesting is that even if it happened a few decades ago, Americans still talk about this topic, and some even believe it’s all fake.

Before going into more details about the Moon landing, we want to know what’s your opinion. Do you believe the moon landing was in fact, fake? Please let us know in the comment section.
A recent survey made on more than 2,000 respondents from the United States and the United Kingdom showed that 10% of respondents still consider that the 1969 Moon landing was fake.

Analyzing data from the survey, we found out that people between 18-25 years old (who weren’t even alive when it happened) were most likely to think the Moon landing was a hoax, thanks internet!

Read on to discover the most famous conspiracy theories regarding the 1969 Moon landing! Make sure to also check: 30 Famous Conspiracy Theories From the US.

33 thoughts on “Was The Moon Landing FAKE? 5 Debatable Theories America Still Believes”

    1. Well, wrong….
      Radio is how.
      The call from the White House was set up in advance over microwave link between Washington and Houston, then out via microwave link to the Deep Space Network, then up over whichever DSN station had the moon in view at the time via S-band.

      Before fiberoptics, there were networks of microwave links spanning the country, and you bought bandwidth from the telephone company.

  1. I think it was fake as hell… My issues has always been the gravity or lack there of. With the rocket landing with the minuet gravity that has been taught to us in science class, why wasn’t there a cloud of dust that should have stayed in the non-gravity air for a LONG time??

    1. Noella Hernandez

      It was real. And maybe some of you non-believers should learn how to spell the words you are trying to use in your spreading of very strange lies.

  2. If the moon landing were a fake, too many
    persons involved: no chance to keep suck a secret
    Were it a fake, why the Soviet Union did not publicize that, since the KGB was very efficient, their scientists very skilled and had a good knowledge of the space and last but not least they indirectly controlled or at least were able to influence many western media in the Countries where Comunista and Socialist Parties were strong?

    1. If he moon landing was fake, the Soviets would not have congratulated the US on such an astounding accomplishment. This one of the first times that a scientific accomplishment was not viewed as a Soviet or American success but rather a human success. Although the landing was 51 years ago, I was in college and remember it like it was yesterday. The world was giddy and everyone around the world was so proud. Uncle Walter was speechless and that never happened. Would that sense of joy and accomplishment have continued.

  3. The moon landing was not fake. Obviously there are skeptics who believe what they will, and nothing is going to convince them otherwise. One example is the flag looking like it’s flowing in the wind. That was purposely positioned that way using wire inserts so that it wouldn’t be just hanging downward. Great idea!

    1. I thought the flag was actually made of a tin foil material so that it would look like it was flying even in a low or no atmosphere environment. As a child watching the event I thought the shadows looked wrong but I also thought if they didn’t go to the moon the Russians would have ratted them out for sure plus they brought back rocks from the Moon. I’m pretty sure they were doing more on the Moon than they have told us and I doubt they will ever tell us the full story at least not until they are forced to.

  4. We went to the moon and back several times successfully. I know this because my father was one of the engineers who worked on it.

  5. The Moon Landing in 1969, America’s and World History’s Greatest Crime and Science Fiction Movie in Form of Faked Publication Because Thanks to Science and Internet there is Proof that the Moon Background in the Moon Landing Publication Picture must have been nothing but a Dummy.

  6. Moon Landing in 1969, America’s and World History’s Greatest Crime and Science Fiction Movie in Form of Faked Publication Based on Science With Proof Published Through Internet.

  7. I believe they went there and came back. I was 25 years old when all that went down and some of ham radio people were tapping into the radio signals and getting some information from NASA. I do wish they had sent a few unfiltered pictures back, they said the stars were so bright and colorful that the cameras had difficulty separating the images out that they wanted. If you look close when they put up the flag there was a small rod along the top through the upper edge of the flag. This made the flag stand out so it could be seen from a distance. However, there wasn’t sufficient amount of dust for the landing even though the footprints did show a goodly amount of dust for a footprint. The lunar Rover ran amuck all over the place but didn’t seem to make dust, it did however, leave some impressive wheel tracks. (Hmmm)

  8. With our technology of photographing things from a distance, how come we haven’t photographed the equipment left on the moon from any of our passing probes that went into deep space or that orbited the moon.
    I don’t know much, but we seem to have been avoiding acknowledging the truth, showing the proof, either way.

  9. I don’t know about you, but, I can’t tell the difference between the movies Marooned, Apollo 13, For All Mankind, Capricorn One, Moonwalk One etc, VS the real Apollo, Skylab, Int’l Space Station and the Shuttle Missions. So tell me, which ones were on a sound stage and which ones are real!

  10. i watched the moon landing. i am positive it was real people. for years my son trys to convince me otherwise.i believe it was real im tired of skeptics.

  11. There is no way in 1969 man went TO the moon LANDED, WALKED, RETURNED without a hitch. The vacuum of space (suits never tested to that TORR ) the Mickey mouse lunar lander, no rocket noise INSIDE the lander during approach, the battery packs of suits and rover exceeding ambient temp specifications (+400 degrees in sun!!) Never replicationg the vacuum on earth( torr level) to test suits. The instantaneous lift off haha like a spring, no dust or flume? NO FULL SHOT PICTURES OF EARTH AT VARIABLE DISTANCES WHILE LEAVING…TO THIS DAY THETR IS NOT A FULL SHOT IMAGE OF EARTH, THEY ARE ALL, I SAY ALL, COMPOSITES. MAN NEVER WENT TO THE MOON…….FACT!!

    1. I’m appalled at all the moronic idiots that are allowed to live in this world! Let’s see was the SR-71 fake? The atomic bomb fake? The V-2 rocket also fake? All of these were developed before the moon landing and are logical progressions leading up to this feat. People who got Ds and Cs in high school science shouldn’t question what they don’t understand. You have no clue on how dust, photographs, and other technology work in a micro gravity environment.

      Why wasn’t there been any noticeable change when the space shuttle started flying? How about all the satellite’s that we all depend on now for communications? Where did these come from? How about all the technological spin-offs that came from the moon landing like Teflon and Velcro to name two come about? From a fake plan literally thousands of people were involved in? Apollo 13 was all faked? You must be joking?

      This is what happens when big government lets the morons live. They multiply and continue the idiocy through generations. We need to stop subsidizing these idiots and let Darwin claim his lot. I’m ashamed to be a part of the human race that includes these idiots!

      1. The shame is that you Matt, with your superior brain, feel that velcro is proof of space travel. Wow mini hooks and fuzz prove we traveled through the Van Allen radiation belt, traveled at 17,000 mph unhitched from our wagon and slowed down to just touchdown on the moon. Then put on ridiculously large and bulky spacesuit , never tested to the TORR of the moon, opened the hatch ( no sonic boom) and walked in dust with no moisture in it but formed footprints, and took perfectly lit, exposed and framed pictures from a camera mounted on the chest of the Ass tro NOT which prevented him from actually seeing what he was shooting but wallah… survived 400+ degrees in the sunshine without discomfort ???? With what power source?? Lead acid batteries?? Exceeding working temp range for batteries of that time not to mention the personal air conditioners used??? Then minus 200 degrees in the shade??? What about the physics of expansion / contraction?? You must know the needed duties of seals in space?
        We could not test the seals or spacesuit because we could not replicate the vacuum of space/moon on earth. Look up TORR. 1969 was the summer of love not the summer of the giant leap. As for complicity they had done many simulations and as far as the many knew it was same ol same ol. Why was the most famous man alive in history a recluse after walking on the moon?
        Watch the press conference ,they all have liars guilt and don’t even remember if they saw stars? Armstrong died guilty of lying to all mankind. And Buzz was a nut job about it. Not one man who claimed to have walked on the moon would swear on a Bible to it. The system we use to be under oath for telling the truth. Truth is we only KNOW what we are told from the system of money grabbers. 1969 it was easy to fool us. Try it today. Should be a walk in the park…..
        Ready to go to Mars, haven’t even established a condo on the moon yet? Space is STILL the final frontier.
        Armstrong NEVER successfully landed the lunar module (LEM) on earth but in a completely different environment he manually landed on the moon easily. With death at every square inch of their environment, no stress easy. As cheating Joe would say “cmon man”.

        1. There is no “sonic boom” if there is no air. As for the space suits, they were tested under the most realistic conditions possible here on Earth. How do you figure they could be tested is space before being used in space? And while Velcro doesn’t prove we went to the moon, we were able to go there because it was used. We have water filters in our homes because they were invented to use on space craft. We use cordless power tools as a matter of course because they were perfected for use in space craft. We have inexpensive long distance communications because that technology was developed to use in space. We have ear thermometers for the same reason. We have memory foam and scratch-resistance lenses for the same reason. Even the invisible braces on our kids’ teeth are based on a VERY strong plastic developed by the space industry. We lived without these things for millennia, but they were needed for the space industry and now they are available for mere earthlings.

  12. I have questions about the shadows, often two shadows in the same photo, one with backlighting from one direction the other with backlighting from the opposite direction. There is only one sun, or is it being lit from Alpha Centauri?

  13. I think the Apollo moon landings were fake. I don’t believe astronauts could survive going through Van Allen radiation belts in Apollo Capsules. But I think we have been going to the moon via Solar Warden type space craft for decades. I think the Nazi spacecraft got to the moon first back in the 1940’s.

    I suspect we may be using Star Gate technology to transport to moon bases and elsewhere.
    I am happy to see the official creation of the new US Space Force.

  14. There is light from the sun and light from the earth reflecting the sun… but don’t fall off the edge of the earth, morons are everywhere.

  15. I had never given it a thought. It was only when my girlfriend married someone who worked at NASA told me the story that her husband said to her it was a hoax. There was no landing on the moon he said to her, it was all staged.

  16. Several years ago I was involved in a discussion with somebody who claimed the moon landings were faked – because the Earth is flat and covered by a dome. Above that dome is water. The stars are not far away, but very close; they look faint and twinkle because we are viewing them through the water. And no, we’re not going anywhere, because there are no other planets – we are alone. Naturally, if we pierced that dome we would all drown.

    Those statements only make sense to a very few, and I wonder if some of them are posting here. The arguments are so convoluted that it would just make more sense to accept the facts.

  17. Hugh C. De Long

    My Dad was an engineer who worked on Gemini to Skylab at North American Rockwell. When we moved he worked on Shuttle instruments for Rockwell. As a kid I got the see the capsules after they returned. We were first to the moon and it was an amazing engineering feat. I think people perpetuate this fake theory of not going to the moon because people like jazzing people about it. We definitely went to the moon and we will definitely go to Mars.

  18. We definitely landed on the moon. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter returned images of the Apollo landing sites. I know the sceptics will say the LRO is fake also. How about the hammer and feather drop in a vacuum demonstration? I know, NASA created a movie studio, sealed it, and then used vacuum pumps to suck all the air out of it. C’mon man!

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