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In the United States, around 60% of the population has been fully vaccinated. However, some Americans still have doubts when it comes to vaccination. And while no one denies that this vaccine has brought a lot of hope to people’s lives and that many see it as a lifesaver, there are many things we don’t know about it.

According to the World Health Organization’s Director-General, “This is an important scientific step for the world as vaccines will be critical in the battle against COVID-19.” “Progress on vaccines and boosters gives us all a lift and we can now start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

However, while the apparition of a COVID-19 vaccine is definitely good news, there are still a lot of things and risks people need to consider, explains Debra Goff, an infectious-disease pharmacist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Also, it might take a little longer until we get back into the pre-pandemic normalcy, so the end of the tunnel might not be where we expected.

Dr. Fauci’s Update Regarding The New COVID Strain. Click HERE to read more about it.

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17 thoughts on “What You Shouldn’t Do After COVID Vaccination”

  1. This is a bad follow up of vaccination . People get vaccinated because they believe it is the best way and most effective way to protect one self from contracting the disease .If you still have the stipulation that one is not effectively protected from the disease even after observing
    CCD ‘s mask ,hand washing and applicable social distancing after getting first dose, then the 2nd dose it doesn’t help to insert stats figure that one gets 52 % more effective after weeks after 1st dose and “so it is so a second dose is a must in order t be completely protected against COVID-19. Now you understand why it’s not the best idea to stop wearing your mask and start going to bars and other crowded places before taking the second vaccine dose.”
    This still sound vague as to the effectiveness of the vaccination process. How are people going to ever believe that “Experts ” know what they talking about if such vagueness is all the more implied in their statement . If a clinical decision is ever to be seen as something valid and trustworthy of acceptance there should be open, transparent clear declaration of scientific facts at the risk of being accountable and challenge .

    1. Of course it is vague, we are just getting started vaccinating people so how could we possibly know how well it will finally, overall work. Of course we would like definitive answers, but it is much to early for that. The initial testing and trials period was shortened to allow an earlier release of the vaccines, which is probably a good thing in this case, but that gives us even less data and experience with the vaccines. Does any existing vaccine for standard strains of influenza (for example) have a guarantee regarding its effectiveness? Why are you expecting declarations of scientific facts from a website that is little more than click-bait for advertising on the Internet? When has it ever been said that a vaccine of any kind will result in the recipient being “… completely protected (against COVID-19)”? That statement alone should tell you about how trustworthy the statements are.
      These new mRNA type vaccines are by design a two step vaccination process. The first injection provides our bodies with things that teach it how to create the defenses that will fight this new virus. The second injection provides easy to defeat COVID-19 virus samples that the body now knows how to create defenses against. Explaining the process is not simple, nor is understanding it.

      1. I had the long version of this pandemic, 6 weeks, lost 40 lbs. before I ever got the first vaccine and regained half of that before I received the first vaccine. I’ll get my second vaccine Friday. I still of course wear the mask and social distance as much as I can. It is my hope that these vaccines they rushed into production will do the job. I’ve noticed on my CDC card that this Moderna has an expiration date for Sept. of 2021, not sure what that means if I’ll have to get a booster shot or what. Anyways I think people should receive the immunizations especially if their elderly like myself. Good Luck to all!

      2. The second vaccination shot DOES NOT CONTAIN COVID-19 ANYTHING! It is simply a Booster Shot. Much like the one you will have to get every 6 months or every year or how ever often Big Brother decides to MAKE you get!

    2. CONGRATULATIONS! You discovered the Fraud of this whole so-called Pandemic! Nobody speaking PUBLICLY is worth a crap! Fauci is a Fraud, so are most of the other talking heads on the MSM! The people who REALLY KNOW what they are talking about are getting CENSORED, like those Frontline Doctors in California. They know this virus is CURABLE in healthy people who have no other issues. Additionally, over 80% of the people who have antibodies to COVID-19 NEVER HAD ANY SYMPTOMS! Statistics say that this Virus is 99.x% recoverable in most age groups and 98.6% recoverable for people over 70 who have NO PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. BTW, did you know that the German Doctor who invented the PCR Test that is supposed to tell if you are infected was created WITHOUT AN ACTUAL COVID-19 Sample? WHAT IS IT REALLY TESTING FOR? Remember those stories of people testing goats and fruit and finding they all tested positive for COVID? Draw your own conclusions! In a normal year, ever since at least 2017, around 10,000 to 12,000 Americans DIE every year from the Flu. Wasn’t it REMARKABLE that NOBODY died from the flu last year??? See this is what happens when you pay Hospitals to report all deaths as being from COVID! Three acquaintances of mine were killed last year in motorcycle accidents, yet every one was listed as a COVID death! The CDC lists all deaths by disease as a lump sum annually and guess what? The number of all deaths from diseases like cancer, heart disease, various bacterial and viral diseases, etc. was only TEN PERCENT HIGHER THAN THE AVERAGE FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS! So where did those fictitious 556,000 COVID Deaths go? That’s right, the people at the CDC that produce those statistics KNEW that only 6% actually died from COVID-19. And that 6% number was available as early as MARCH of 2020.

      1. The people causing the fraud are the ones you support. Are you really that gullible that you believe everything you hear? Covid is real and so are the deaths from that.

  2. We did get the first Vaccine and we realize that we must still observe all safety measures, wearing a mask, washing hands and staying away from people and crowded places

    1. Yes, a nephew of mine has received the first dose of the vaccine, but was later apparently infected by his wife who took a trip to another state and returned home infected, before he had the second injection. If a vaccine is a two step process, I can assume that having only one injection will not provide optimal protection for me. Also, no vaccine is 100% effective.

    1. Technically right if you consider the Industrial Cell Line used to manufacture the J&J vaccine was first created from fetal cells in 1978. Nothing from the fetal tissue has been used ever since. There are many different Industrial Cell Lines that are used for the manufacture of a variety of biologics, but the original fetal tissue is no longer part of the process. Typical flu vaccines were once made inside chicken eggs, which some people were allergic to. With Industrial cell lines, massive amounts of vaccines can be made in Batch Reactors and the vaccine products can be separated from the cells which produced them. NOBODY uses fetal tissues to manufacture vaccines! The religious idea that fetal cells are used to make vaccines is a BOGUS argument. You might as well claim gasoline is made from Dinosaurs!

  3. It’s still inconclusive that people can/can’t pass the virus after getting vaccine if it can be passed. If it still can be passed; does this make people not wearing maskes putting people not yet vaccinated & wearing mask’s 50% more likely to catch Covic19???

    1. Masks DO NOT PROTECT ANYONE from Viruses! CDC Studies have proven this with the Influenza virus. It’s also why we have NEVER worn masks during flu season. Also the Great Influenza Pandemic in the early 1900s found that masks do NOTHING to prevent the spread of the Flu! And the masks people are using are clearly marked (if purchased rather than homemade) “Not for the Prevention of Disease”! That’s actually a REQUIRED WARNING message required by OSHA, who is the official certifier of all types of PPE including masks. Without that warning label, the manufacturer of the mask is Liable if someone gets sick thinking the mask protected them and then they could sue if they then get infected by some disease.

  4. Much like Fraudster Fauci’s extensive BULLSHIT, this article follows and the nonsensical CDC, WHO, CHINA BS as well! MASK DON’T PROTECT AGAINST VIRUSES! The CDC ran peer-reviewed tests in 2014 and again in 2018 using the Flu Virus and the results PROVED masks are ineffective at preventing Virus Transfer from Infected to Non-Infected. Even the N-95 level mask FAILED in close quarters with an infected individual. ANYONE claiming otherwise is a FRAUD! BTW, why isn’t Fauci being charged by the Hague for Crimes Against Humanity? He FUNDED the Research that created this Virus! His fingerprints are all over this COVID-19 virus! Maybe that’s why he hasn’t a clue as to what tell the government about what precautions to take – Not deadly, No mask needed, Not contagious, THEN Deadly, Highly Contagious, Wear a mask, Wear two masks, Wear 5 masks, etc. WHAT A CLOWN!

    See Fauci was funding some very dangerous research at the University of North Carolina along with the famous “Bat Lady from China. The team was to study Bat Viruses from China to see how they could mutate to cross Species Boundaries. BUT they were using a methodology considered Highly Dangerous by the Virology Community called “Forced Evolution”. In reality, what they were doing was picking apart Bat Viruses and sticking pieces and parts of other viruses to see “what would happen”. Once the Team at UNC started publishing the results of their research, the Virology Community DEMANDED the research be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY because UNC only has a Class 3 containment facility and this type of viral research MUST BE PERFORMED in a CLASS 4 Level Facility because of the potential for an unknown virus being released into the environment. So, Fauci moved the Team, the Research, AND THE VIRUS SAMPLES THEY WERE WORKING ON (entirely against safety protocol and WITHOUT telling anyone) to the Wuhan Institute in Wuhan, China. Fauci also sent millions of dollars to fund the research in China. Well, the team’s final tinkering produced a modified virus by adding the HIV receptors, now making the virus HUMAN INFECTING AND TRANSMISSIBLE! You know, those spiky projections you see in representations of COVID-19, that’s the HIV Receptor that allows HIV to infect humans! Now such a “mutation” could never occur naturally because HIV doesn’t infect Bats. Human HIV crossed the Species barrier from Monkeys, who are much closer to humans than Bats!

    Unfortunately for the the World, the Wuhan Institute has been known for sloppy containment and COVID-19 victim #1 was a young lab assistant who became infected and started the spread around the city of Wuhan. And, also unfortunately, Wuhan was hosting an International Festival at the same time that Hospitals in Wuhan were dealing with a strange new and unknown respiratory virus that was putting a lot of people in the hospital. According to US Intelligence, by the time we became aware of the virus in the United States, some 3 million cellphone numbers in China, mostly around the city of Wuhan ceased to be actively making calls. In other words, 3 million people in China stopped using their cellphones to make calls – most likely because they were dead!

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