COVID is Expected to Disappear By This Date, According to FDA Officials

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One year into the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed our lives and the coronavirus cases continue to surge in the United States and the whole world for that matter. Right now, no one knows when it will all end and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for us to see yet. However, the vaccines have brought a lot of hope all over the world, and experts across the Globe believe the situation will get better in the not-so-distant future.

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Moreover, an official from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), expects things to be dramatically better by the end of June. Therefore, if things go as planned, we might have a remarkable summer. Read on to discover why experts are now optimistic about the course of the pandemic.

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39 thoughts on “COVID is Expected to Disappear By This Date, According to FDA Officials”

  1. When do I think this pandemic is going to end?? Not for a very long time, I’m afraid. All kinds of people are dying from this strange and hardly perceptible disease with every new day that’s upon us. Admittedly, we haven’t seen anything like this since those strange plagues which swamped Europe way back in the 13th century. It’s almost as though the entire world was coming to the end. I have to be glad myself that I’m allowed to live another day.

    1. Seriously? You should check your history.

      The 1918 pandemic killed more Americans than every war in the 20th century COMBINED!! So you don’t need to go all the way back to the 13th century, only 100 years.

      btw, pandemics (occur on average every 70 years, so this one was overdue…

      1. Well, excuse me for being a bit amiss where history is concerned; I STILL believe we haven’t had anything on such a scale as THIS in thousands of years . . . Admittedly, I know very little about that 1918 pandemic. But you’d think what with all the modern technology we have today and these new things we have in the medical world, we’d be far better able to ward off something that’s killing us in massive numbers and such.

    2. Modern travel eliminates the limitations past pandemics had. Fear of vaccinayions limit inoculating populations. So this will become a new type of flu after weakest in heard die off.

      1. You’re right with both things you’ve said, modern travel and fear of vaccinations. It’s very very difficult as people are rebelling more and more against continually wearing masks and social distancing. What’s even more discouraging is we’ve been rolling out this new vaccine at the ‘blink of an eye’ and people are STILL dying or at least getting very sick— I even believe some people get vaccinated and still die.

  2. This virus was designed by man and will likely be with us forever. All mammals catch it so it will thrive in rat and mouse populations around the world. Can not vaccinate everything.

    1. What else is coming from ugly china’s communist. It is getting worse under uncle Joel Bidden, he is Xi’s puppy. An American will be finish unless we fight for our country.Also, we must boycott made in china or prc is same sit. I wish we should drop bomb on their head and make them pay for china’s corona virus.

      1. I agree with you 100 %. I am a nurse and saw over 100 people die from this virus, and my heart cries every day. These people were loving people who had family members who could not even hold their hands while they were dying. The only ones to be with them were the staff at the hospital to hold their hands. I am still crying as I write this reply. China is a terrible nation, not the people because I am sure they suffer daily. We need to stand together and get rid of goods from China and their technology.

        1. Kenneth Quattlander

          I totally agree Biden wants China in bed
          so let’s show him that we are not playing send him over there on a one way plane

        2. Yes I concur stop the trades with China! Keep it in our country. Give Americans jobs so we can be self-sustaining!

    1. LOL so now you think Democrats gave you coronavirus you sound fucking retarded man why don’t you go back to school Tom if that’s even your real fucking name or if you’d like why don’t you go fuck Donald Trump I’m sure that’ll make you feel better or let him fuck you in the ass which ever comes first whatever floats your boat man

      1. Jose, I am sorry your mother or someone didn’t raise you with any sense of decency. You are charming ! NOT!!

      2. Your extremely limited vocabulary tells everyone you are illiterate. Go get an education before you criticize anyone.

  3. I am really surprised that the Pandemic did not end right after these Democrats took the White House because we all know that this was all an Anti-Trump Skeam to make President Trump lose his Presidency.

    1. I tend to agree in part with Tim. I realize that many have died this year yet the facts show that the numbers are way off. 2020 will go down as the year no one died of natural cause, the flu, pneumonia. It is amazing how COVID was the only thing out there. Except for those who killed them selves due to mental health issues and we made them stay home alone to deal because we shut the world down.

  4. Sound ludicrous to believe something alive like this pandemic virus comes with a bonafide end date. What a tidy little package! Just ignore it, it will suddenly disappear! *poof* its gone!

  5. We have to stop living in fear! Every day you live like that its a wasted day! China has taken so much from us , don,t give them another minute! SMILE & LIVE!!!

  6. I believe that the dems want us to live in fear and be totally dependant on the government, they are in bed with china on this coronavirus, anybody with ANY common sense can easily see this was what they had to do to get TRUMP out, his entire time in office he had to defend himself, people who support biden should watch their pocketbook cause they are coming for your trust fund, America, this is shamful and we will all suffer

  7. A lot of people saying it’s China fault but in reality the USA knew about this late 2019. As soon as the USA found out or got word of it they should have shut down and not let people travel in this country not 3 months later after it was already here and running rapid. Trump and all those in office in our government should have took precautions then. Oh we forgot Obama had a team already working on these things and Trump got rid of all of them! So who was on the lookout then for infectious diseases. They all are IDIOT’s!

    1. Trump tried to restrict travel from China but the Democrats called him Xenophobic for doing so. So is it really Trump’s fault entirely or are you just blaming him because he was president during the time the virus was running rapid? If Biden was president during that time instead of Trump, would you have thought that same about Biden?

  8. Here is global problem. The whole world society can not handle more such dangerous situations created by science which serves capital and dictators: chemical war, nuclear war, overpopulation with lack of the Earth Resources, Dirty environment, etc. Our world became too fragile to survive unless something critical in the future would change the Way. We are all idiots to let that happening. We have to teach our children how to go by God like Way not devilish money making way. Who began coronovirus research originally? I hope you know. And what was a goal? Who paid science to continue so dangerous research? You can guess. We should know from history that any dangerous scientific experiments get used by dictators, terrorists. Hitler came out with many ideas of the mass destruction based on science. Russian’s dictator stole Nuclear bomb secret and so on. It supposed to be stopped immediately. No other way to survive! Stop feeding dictators, terrorists, thieves with scientific achievements! Our science should serve people not dictators.

  9. Ourdemocracy focuses on feeding into other worldly nations to fund their needs than worrying about what’s going on here in the USA. China has brought our nation to its knees causing mass destruction in all possible ways but yet Biden continues to embrace them in every way. We all are guilty when it comes to the virus, yes our president was informed of the virus but did he think it would cause this much of a disaster? China was not open in telling our president the actual facts on the virus so he was just as much in the dark as we were about corona. Even after the virus started people were still continuing on as if the virus was not serious until it really started hitting home. To blame someone is really out landing and rediculous because no one has the power to predict what a virus would do to a person or nation for that matter. Chinas research and experimenting is to blame and their research lab should be eliminated for causing so many problems. But we all know that will never happen! We as a nation have all the resources we need to provide our people with everything we need, we do not have to out source to other countries especially CHINA to provide for this nation what our government thinks we need from them. It’s to all about lining our governments pockets and forget about the great losses of innocent people and not to mention our jobs and livelihood! Stop supporting other nations and support the American people! Stop giving OTHER NATIONS a FREE RIDE AND MAKE THEM PAY LIKE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! IMMIGRANTS huh they have MORE GIVEN to them then the THE USA CITIZEN EVER SEES And we WORK AND LIVE HERE! Things will need to change to benefit not only for this generation but our kids and grandkids as well! Or our nation will continue to see things just plummet for the worse. I pray the lord turns things around for the best of this nation and make things right. I blame no one but the persons who could do right but choose to do wrong!

  10. This virus will never go away. Already appointments for vaccine shots are going unfilled. Up to 25% of US adults do NOT want the vaccine and number is higher in Europe. Once you takes kids into account we can at best vaccinate 60% of population … tops. No heard immunity. And we’ve already seen too many mutations. So this virus will become another common flu. The weakest without vaccines in population will die then new variations will sweep the globe year after year like a flu as it completes adapting to a new host species. Pandemics of old died out as global travel limited contact. In the new age you can’t stop it period.

  11. When the public decides to quit listening to politically motivated “experts”. The politicians won’t let go of it. They are on a power trip.

    Time to stand up.

  12. i don’t believe art came from China…I do believe it was an experiment that went haywire and China became the scapegoat. Research the patent date for C0vid 19. Read Memorandum 200. research things for yourself first and then if you still want to blame China then so be it…

  13. How very sad that this question, generates so many political responses and baseless accusations. My belief is that the U.S. population needs more education, more science. Where do all these crazy ideas about Biden and Gates, etc come from? Too much Facebook, Fox news and idle gossip? We Americans can blame the Chinese, the pharmaceutical companies or the politicians, but truth be told, many of the deaths and illness have been cause by our own reckless behavior. Get a vaccine if you want to stop the virus.

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