What’s Even Riskier About the New COVID-19 Strain, According to Experts

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I think we all heard by now about the new COVID strain that makes its way all around the world, including to the United States, and now everyone wonders what to expect from it, is it more dangerous than the original one? Should we do anything different to avoid it or is it following the same safety measures enough?

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It’s true that the new COVID variant from the U.K. has proven to be more contagious and 70 percent more transmissible, which represents a real treat for our country who’s already in a pretty bad COVID situation. The United States registered more than 400,000 cases in a single day on January 7, the highest number ever recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. The death rate doesn’t look so good either, with more than 4,000 deaths in a single day, another record-breaking number.

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However, according to experts, the new COVID-19 strain doesn’t require new precautions, but now more than ever, we need to make sure we’re taking the existing one very seriously. Read on to discover what’s even riskier about the new COVID strain and find out what you should be avoiding right now!

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1 thought on “What’s Even Riskier About the New COVID-19 Strain, According to Experts”

  1. I feel that we are being led to slaughter with all the hype over this. I for one am not going to be told i have to take this vaccine. It is my right to refuse it. Not enough studies and testing. Come on. It takes longer than this to so the flu shot for the next year.
    Who is behind this? The same people that censor all our posts, and blocks our views if we dont agree with them.
    Thank you for letting me vent

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